Women's Group in Littleton

What's next: Navigating change in our lives

As women, we experience many chapters in our lives. The events and details of these chapters can affect us deeply.

When we’re younger, we are growing into ourselves and establishing our identities. We have deep relationships with friends, coworkers, and romantic partners.

As we settle into adulthood, we may marry or commit to a partner. Careers and/or motherhood can dominate this phase of life.

In midlife, we may find ourselves watching children launch into independence. We start careers, change careers, or open up a business. We get a little older. Our bodies change. Our needs and desires change.

As we mature further, we may discover a new sense of wisdom and new ways of expressing ourselves, even as we face new limitations.

Change is a constant, but how can we navigate life’s changes with ease and grace? How can we chart a course for the next chapter in our lives? A women’s group is a great place to talk through challenges, give and receive compassion, share soulful connection, and find opportunities for growth and fulfillment as part of the journey.


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This Group May Fit You If:

  • You are ready to let go road blocks and find your life’s passion.
  • You know there could be more joy and direction in your life, and you want to find it.
  • You would like a safe, nurturing environment where you can explore taking the next great steps in your life.
  • You want to access your deep inner wisdom.

This is a perfect time to commit to you and let go of what no longer works.


Release old beliefs and thoughts so you can embrace the you that was meant to be.

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Save Your Space in the Group

Please note: Body-mind awareness techniques and exercises are an integral part of this group.

Women's Group FAQs

When does the group meet?

Every Tuesday, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

How much does it cost?

$30.00 per session

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is counseling conducted with a therapist along with 4 to 8 participants. The group forms an interactive community to provide support, feedback, and the opportunity for growth often not available in individual sessions. Participation in a group experience can help you get in touch with renewed hope in your life.

A group can help alleviate that, “I am in this all by myself, and no one understands me,” experience. Often, the shared experiences of group members help everyone grow. When you hear the problems and challenges of others, it can put your own into perspective.

Why Join a Women's Group?

A women's group is a powerful, dynamic way to take your next steps and let go of things that may be in your way. The life experiences we share as women— hormonal influences throughout our life, adolescent trauma, marriage, child rearing, menopause, divorce, work place issues, and aging—create a powerful bond that supports the work in a group.

Exploring our life story together often makes change easier. Having other women be your support and sounding board creates unique and unexpected opportunities for change.

What do you do in a Women's Group?

Every group meeting is different, but the sessions always begin with a check-in time. This is when each member has the opportunity to say what is on their mind, how the week went, and what they would like to focus on during the meeting.
In this group, we will spend some time doing simple mind-body breathing and movement exercises led by the therapist. These help us get more deeply in touch with our inner experience, facilitating awareness and change.

The rest of the meeting is spent working with the situations and issues most present and pressing for the members. No one is ever forced to speak or participate if they don't wish to.

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