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Trauma/Anxiety Therapy

A trauma does not have to be huge to leave a negative imprint in our mind, body or spirit. It can be hard to feel good every day when there are things that go bump in the night in your life. Even when you look and act perfectly fine to everyone else, you may be feeling the subtle effects of distressing events from your past.

You may even say to yourself, “My life is good now, everything is okay. So why do I still feel so bad?” Effects of the past have a way of sneaking up on us even when we have tried to bury them underneath striving to be successful and well adjusted.

Feeling that there is something bad about to happen even when life around you is normal can be a sign of the past wanting to be expressed in some way.

So can being anxious and nervous for no apparent reason be signs of unresolved traumatic experiences. Waking up in the night with vague memories of past events is another sign. Chronic health concerns like headaches and stomach aches can be bodily expressions of old disturbing events.

If you are experiencing

  • numbness
  • depression
  • fear
  • panic
  • feeling out of control
  • or an inability to focus

Then you may be showing signs of unresolved traumatic experiences.

There is hope and a way to a peaceful mind and a healthy, happy life.

Overcoming difficult past events can be challenging and the good news is it is possible to heal from them and be free of their distressing effects.

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