Fully Alive and Joyful

Joyfully alive. I have been asking myself lately when do I feel very alive, present and joyful? We went zip lining while were in Costa Rica. I definitely felt alive then!

What about in my everyday life? I feel alive when I am outdoors, moving, breathing and enjoying the beauty around me. I feel joy when I am with my family just doing everyday things like having dinner and talking about our day. When do you feel really alive? What brings you joy?

Christine J. Harris, M.S., L.M.F.T., C.B.T.

Christine J. Harris, M.S., L.M.F.T., C.B.T.

Christine Harris is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Bioenergetic Therapist in Littleton, Colorado. Her specialty is embracing all of you: body, mind, and spirit in the therapy process. She has extensive post-graduate training in Bioenergetic Psychotherapy, a body-centered form of counseling. Contact her about your life’s adventures, misadventures, and desire for a more vibrant life. Email: [email protected] Phone: 720-727-2500.

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