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Mind & Body

Dont’ Leave Your Body at the Door

Bring All of You to Therapy Talking about your problems is good. We have all said things like, let’s talk about it. Let’s discuss this. How do you feel about that? We’ll sort this out. Your counselor or therapist may have said these statements to you. Talking is helpful; up to a point. But there…

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The Call for Something More

You’re sensing the call for something more. You have this feeling deep inside. It’s a little voice whispering – sometimes so softly you can barely hear it. It is easy to ignore and try to forget about it. Yet, there are times when it is yelling. Kicking and screaming even. What the heck is going…

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Change Your Face, Improve Your Relationships

Two Things You Can Do Right Now Stressed? Tension in your relationships? It’s all in your face. Research about our nervous system and relationships reveals that changing our physical state can improve our relationships and our mood. The connections our brain makes with our facial muscles is in our polyvagal nerve. Stephen Porges is the…

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Squeezing the Juice Out of Summer

There’s Still Time for Juicy Fun Is it August already? Where did my summer go? I had so many activities I was going to do this summer. Now it’s almost over. Do you have that, summer is over, kind of feeling sneaking up on you? Don’t give up the bright hopes you had for summer…

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I Want That Life!

Shining Brightly -The key to a vibrant life You are more powerful than you think. You are as powerful as you are alive in your entire being – your body, your mind, your belly, your soul. When all of you is present – you are shining bright. And it shows. You are irresistible! I want…

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Who Is the Best Therapist in Denver?

BETTER THAN ALL THE REST! Let’s say you’re a talented, motivated, insightful competent go getter in Denver. Recently, you’ve concluded that you need help with a mental or emotional difficulty. Now you are wondering, who is the best therapist in Denver? (or psychologist, or counselor, or life coach). You might even type in the search…

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