Middle Age

The Call for Something More

You’re sensing the call for something more. You have this feeling deep inside. It’s a little voice whispering – sometimes so softly you can barely hear it. It is easy to ignore and try to forget about it. Yet, there are times when it is yelling. Kicking and screaming even. What the heck is going…

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There is a Package at Your Door

Guess What’s Inside? It is spring time. Hooray! The daffodils are blooming in the neighbor’s yards. The tulips are poking their green leave out of the ground.  And there is a package sitting on your doorstep. Did you notice it? It’s been there for a while. It is waiting for you to bring it into…

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Letting Go, Moving On: Change and Inner Wisdom

How Middle Age Allows Us to Be Calm How many changes have occurred in your life in the last year? Do you ever have the feeling you would just like the world to stop for a few minutes so you can catch your breath? There have been so many changes in my life in the…

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