The Call for Something More

You’re sensing the call for something more. You have this feeling deep inside. It’s a little voice whispering – sometimes so softly you can barely hear it. It is easy to ignore and try to forget about it. Yet, there are times when it is yelling. Kicking and screaming even. What the heck is going…

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Squeezing the Juice Out of Summer

There’s Still Time for Juicy Fun Is it August already? Where did my summer go? I had so many activities I was going to do this summer. Now it’s almost over. Do you have that, summer is over, kind of feeling sneaking up on you? Don’t give up the bright hopes you had for summer…

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Four Ways to Create Some Magic in Your Life

What Inspires You? Do you remember when you were a child playing with your friends after school and on Saturdays? Do you recall how fun it was to be deeply involved with the story that you were creating together and acting it out as you went along? When I was a little girl we there…

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