Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

Gratitude All Year Long – Yes, Yes!

Is Gratitude Really Important? Thanksgiving is over. During this holiday most of us are grateful; we’re supposed to be. We stop and acknowledge the good in our life. We enjoy our family, eats lots of turkey, stuffing and pie. After this holiday we go back to our daily lives and get ready for the holidays.…

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What is Somatic Psychotherapy? And How It Can Help You.

Bioenergetic Analysis, or Bioenergetic Psychotherapy, is a form of Somatic Psychotherapy or Body Psychotherapy. It is a unique and well-established psychotherapy that helps to resolve emotional issues through work with the body and the mind within the context of a safe therapeutic relationship. As an evidenced based modality, it provides a powerful way for people to…

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Fully Alive and Joyful

Joyfully alive. I have been asking myself lately when do I feel very alive, present and joyful? We went zip lining while were in Costa Rica. I definitely felt alive then! What about in my everyday life? I feel alive when I am outdoors, moving, breathing and enjoying the beauty around me. I feel joy…

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