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Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

Dont’ Leave Your Body at the Door

Bring All of You to Therapy Talking about your problems is good. We have all said things like, let’s talk about it. Let’s discuss this. How do you feel about that? We’ll sort this out. Your counselor or therapist may have said these statements to you. Talking is helpful; up to a point. But there…

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Just Breathe – Tools to Improve Your Mood

There is nothing you can do to change your depression or anxiety, except take medication. Right? Not necessarily. There certainly is a place in the treatment of depression and anxiety for properly prescribed and well monitored medications. And there are some tools that you can use to help yourself. Some simple techniques that change how…

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Who Is the Best Therapist in Denver?

BETTER THAN ALL THE REST! Let’s say you’re a talented, motivated, insightful competent go getter in Denver. Recently, you’ve concluded that you need help with a mental or emotional difficulty. Now you are wondering, who is the best therapist in Denver? (or psychologist, or counselor, or life coach). You might even type in the search…

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When Your Body Speaks Its Truth

Your Symptoms Are Telling You Important News Have you ever gone to the doctor with some symptoms that were yelling something is wrong in your body? Did you have a bunch of tests only to have the doctor say to you, “Nothing is wrong. The tests are normal; everything is fine.”? So, you went home…

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My Top 11 Songs to Start Your Day

Change Your Song, Change Your Life “May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart that something good is going to happen to you.”  – John O’Donohue Our thoughts matter. They are especially important when you begin your day. Our first thoughts when we wake up can set direction of…

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Use Your Feet to Focus Your Brain

The 5-minute Trick to Keep You Motivated and on Track How do we stay focused all day when there are so many distractions begging for our attention?  There is lots of attention in the media lately about our brain’s tendency to get off track and absorbed into the rabbit hole of our smart phone. The…

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