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Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy
for Individuals and Couples In Denver, CO

Trauma/Anxiety Therapy

Even on sunny days there is a cloud hanging over you. It feels like there is no hope of ever getting out of this place of nervousness, sadness and overwhelm.

The sun can shine bright in your life again. Calmness and peace of mind can be yours.

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Couples Counseling

Tension between us and arguments over things that don’t really matter. There is no passion, fun or romance anymore.

Your relationship is worth fighting for. There is hope. Perhaps there has been a breakdown but that doesn’t mean there must be a break up.

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Women's Group

Need some space just for you? Looking for like-minded women on a path of change for the better? Would you like support to discern your next steps in life?

A women’s’ group is a great place to start.

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Hi, I'm Christine

You’re in the right place. There is hope. Your life can change for the better.

Are there days when nothing feels good – even when it looks like everything is going well to everyone else? There are many days when you are anxious, on edge and you’re not sure why. Nothing in life feels good anymore, even the activities you used to enjoy.

Sure, it may look like you have got it all covered. Career, family, kids, partner. But inside it feels very different. Anxiety about even little things keeps you up at night. Worry over past events and memories that go bump in the night keep intruding into everyday life.

This has gone on for far too long. It is time for things to change. But how?

Would you like to feel empowered, like you’re on the right path to a more vibrant and joyful life?

You can live a full, vibrant life. When all of you - your mind, body, emotions & spirit - are involved in the healing process, amazing things begin to happen! The body psychotherapy work that I use, Bioenergetic Therapy, helps you resolve what's bothering you and move on to a more joyful life.


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